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Ella Bowl (M)

Ella Bowl (M)

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The hand made vessel is made from local clay turned on the potters wheel. Each piece is therefore unique. It has been painted with a white compound and rubbed down to let the natural quality of the terracotta to show through. It has a hole in the base so can be used as a decorative plant pot, or use for a table setting, storage, or just as a decorative object combined with others from the group.  Hand made  traditional pottery communities each unique piece is created from local clay turned with high concentration on a potter’s wheel. Produced meticulously by a family whose traditional pottery craft dates back generations, the clay is sustainably sourced and holds water purifying properties & your choice contributes to their livelihoods, cause the way you live, is the way you give!


Dimensions- 15(D) x 9cm(H)

Style No- UITKBLME00000009


Wash & Care Instructions
Wipe clean with a soft sponge and a mild soap. Do not leave submerged in water.

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